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Bracket for bucket, 5686, 5688 and 5692, 370 mm
Item number: 16200

Bracket for bucket, 5686, 5688 and 5692, 370 mm

This bracket allows Vikan's 6L bucket 5688x and 12L bucket 5686x to hang when filled and it can store both Vikan's 6L 5688x , 12L 5686x and 20L 5692x buckets up-side-down after cleaning. A small hook on the bracket allows for lid or brush storage, ensuring optimal hygiene

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Product data

GTIN-14 Number (Box quantity) 5705020162008
Tare total 0.08 kg.
Weight cardboard 0.08 kg.
Material Stainless Steel (AISI 304)
Country of origin China
Width 80 mm
Height 50 mm
Box Width 80 mm
Box length 480 mm
Gtin-13 Number 5705020162008
FDA compliant raw material (CFR 21) Yes
Produced according to EU Regulation 2023/2006/EC of Good Manufacturing Practice Yes
Customs Tariff No. 73072100
Box Height 65 mm
Length/Depth 370 mm
Gross Weight 0.31 kg.
Net Weight 0.23 kg.
Max. pH-value in Usage Concentration 10.5 pH
Min. pH-value in usage concentration 2 pH
Box Quantity 1 Pcs.
Quantity per Pallet (80 x 120 x 200 cm) 851 Pcs
Max. cleaning temperature (Dishwasher) 93 °C
Recommended sterilisation temperature (Autoclave) 121 °C


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