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Shadow board design tool

More and more companies are using bespoke shadow boards to help keep their cleaning tools segregated, to monitor the condition and whereabouts of each tool and – especially important for food and beverage companies – to help ensure compliance with cleaning tool segregation requirements.

In an industry first, Vikan now offers an online shadow board design tool that lets you design your own shadow boards and produce a print-ready PDF for delivery to the shadow-board producer of your choice.

How it works

The shadow board design tool lets you create a shadow board design in any size and shape, drag and drop Vikan product outlines to the board, name and add a logo to the board, and then produce a print-ready PDF for downloading. To produce the board itself, simply email the print-ready PDF to your local shadow board or signage producer.

To get started, add the products you need to a product list.

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Shadow Board Video Tutorial

Watch the shadow board video tutorial to get a quick and simple overview of how our shadow board design tool works.

To get started, add the products you need to a product list.

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How to place your products

To minimise the risk of cross-contamination brushes,
squeegees & mops on shadow boards should be stored:

  • Head down

  • With heads distant from other equipment handles  

  • In an arrangement that prevents equipment above dripping contamination onto equipment below

  • Buckets should be stored upside down

  • Food contact and non-food contact equipment should be stored on separate boards (allergens) 

  • On shadow boards that are regularly cleaned and disinfected, as appropriate

5S – proven principles

Vikan shadow board designs are based on proven principles for making workplaces more visual and easy to manage.




Shadow Board Material Selection

When having a shadow board constructed we recommend you to take the following considerations into account:

  • Resistant to chemicals, solvents, detergents, oil and grease used in production site
  • No water absorption in construction material
  • High impact strength
  • High resistance to bending
  • Shatter free material

To get the full overview you can download our shadow board material guideline here:

Shadow Board Material Selection



Shadow Board design tool benefits

  • Keep tools organised and products safe
  • Any size or shape – you decide!
  • Easy design via tool drag-and-drop
  • Give each board its own name
  • Add your company’s logo
  • Download print-ready PDFs
  • FREE – all you need is a customer login!

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