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Case story - Carlsberg

Misplacements are unlikely to happen

"It has been fantastic to see what great cleaning improvements have been made since the introduction of the Vikan colour-coded system.
It is easy to conclude that the risk of cross-contamination has been minimised, as the system used to store the tools is very easy to understand and use, while misplacements are unlikely to happen. The production area has been kept clean and tidy, and no matter how closely I looked for stains, debris or dust, everything was in order."

 - Hayley Hughes, Auditor at AIB.

"The AIB audit result is great recognition for the structured improvement work that we have put in place."
- Joakim Dannenberg, Production Director, at Carlsberg Falkenberg.

About Carlsberg Falkenberg

Carlsberg Falkenberg is Sweden's leading brewery and supplies the market with a variety of well-known beverage brands. The factory mainly manufacturers beer, but also produces and packages cider, as well as a number of still and carbonated soft drinks.

Carlsberg logo


As part of their business development, Carlsberg has been working methodically to implement a structured approach to cleaning and hygiene. The aim of this is to ensure they maintain the highest-level hygiene practices within their Falkenberg production facility. The increasingly stringent health and safety legislation impacting on the food sector has prompted Carlsberg to seek to raise their standards still further, in respect of both the cleaning protocols deployed and their choice of cleaning tools.


Vikan worked with the Carlsberg hygiene team to review the hygienic cleaning requirements of the production processes across the entire facility.

As well as identifying the optimal tools required to complete each task most efficiently and effectively, Vikan also proposed dividing the production facility into a series of colour-coded zones. They then documented the tools needed for cleaning processes identified in each zone for HACCP purposes, which also made reordering product much easier.

Vikan staff allocated each zone tools in one of eight colours, which will be stored within the zone on wall brackets of the same colour. The Vikan solution means that staff always have the right tools on hand. This streamlines the cleaning processes, motivates staff to clean spillages up promptly and optimizes the use of the tools on site. Missing and dirty tools, or those needing replacing, are easily identifiable, while 'borrowed' or misplaced tools can be spotted immediately and removed from the zone.

AIB's third party audit of Carlsberg's new structured approach to cleaning concludes that it has resulted in a cleaner and more efficient production facility.