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Steffen Boel Kristensen
Steffen Boel Kristensen
Regional Export Manager

My role at Vikan

I’ve been with Vikan since 2009. I started out in the finance department, but in 2011 I seized a chance to join our export team in the sales department, where I’ve been ever since.

I started my journey at Vikan working out of our head office in Skive in western Denmark, but in 2012 we established an export office in Copenhagen, and I then moved to Copenhagen, where I’m still living.

My primary role at Vikan is to support our sales efforts, and not least growth in our export markets. This is primarily done through the preparation of sales and marketing plans together with our local distributors, and through a strong focus on joint projects in support of our sales. I also spend a lot of my time training distributors, covering everything from the introduction of new products to sales strategies and teaching how to use Vikan sales and marketing tools, including for example a colour management program.  At the moment, my primary responsibilities are eastern and southern Europe.

Professional background

I’ve been with Vikan most of my professional career. I’ve been lucky enough to see how the company has developed in an extremely positive direction when it comes to knowhow and product development, which supports my colleagues and myself in our efforts to provide our end-customers with well-founded and relevant information, enabling them to make informed decisions.

During my time at Vikan, I’ve been able to complete two courses: An administrative course specialising in finance, and most recently a graduate diploma in international business.

What can you expect of my blog posts?

Working in Vikan’s export department gives you a very broad network of contacts, both externally and internally. It also means that you’re exposed to a highly varied range of challenges. My blog posts will not necessarily follow a fixed pattern, but I hope you’ll find them relevant and interesting.