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Emma Spurr
Emma Spurr
Customer Service Consultant

Hi, my name is Emma Spurr and I am part of the Internal Sales Support team for the UK. My role here at Vikan is extremely varied, from placing orders to visiting our distributors to provide training and support. The most important part of my role is to provide great customer service, I am here to answer questions and to give product advice and recommendations to both our distributors and end users.

I have 14 years of B2C and B2B customer service experience, 11 of those being within the e-commerce industry. Customer service is my passion, but also my worst enemy. I have tried to escape it, but I end up missing it and I am always drawn back to it. Finding that fine balance between pulling your hair out and wearing a genuine smile is hard to find in a customer service role, but I’ve found it here at Vikan – only took me how many years?!

Although I have a customer service “telephone voice” I am pretty much the same outside of the office as inside it. I enjoy having a laugh and I like to think I have a good sense of humor.

I have 2 crazy dogs and have just added a 3rd – Basil, Bronson and Gus, so most of my personal time is taken up by them. I also have keen interest in photography, site seeing and travelling.

So, what can you expect from my blogs? My main focus will be around customer service, but you will also see some posts that touch on, or link to, other areas too. I put a lot of my personality into my posts and I write openly and honestly.