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Next generation
wall and floor cleaning
Compact Wall/Deck Scrub

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Get it right, upright!

Sweeping up dry and moist debris
has never been easier, thanks to
the new Upright Dustpan.

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New Vikan
Pastry Brushes

The new advantage
for baking operations

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Three new shades
of hygiene

26 products, 3 new colours

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Site Survey

A Vikan Site Survey is the best way for food factories,
processing plants and other food & beverage facilities to 
keep hygiene standards up, pass plant audits and keep 
products healthy and safe.

Site Survey

Who is Vikan?

 Most of what we can do for your business is rooted in who we are. If you haven't yet visited our "About us" page, take a few moments and learn a bit about our history, our values and more.

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