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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Vikan, we’ve been striving for long-term sustainability and to uphold responsible business ethics in our operations since our founding in 1898. They didn’t call it “corporate social responsibility” back then, but the essence of CSR has been part of our philosophy and values for over a century and is deeply integrated in the way we act with all our business partners.

As we are majority-owned by a charitable family foundation, Vikan is a value-driven company with a strong corporate culture where we see integrity, diligence, ingenuity and drive as our main values and are key in ensuring that our customers can deliver the products and services they produce with pride and confidence. The professional cleaning tools we offer are manufactured in compliance with high standards and we insist on doing a proper job, whether we are designing, manufacturing, giving advice or conducting day-to-day business.

Based on our culture, values and history and in line with the principles of the United Nation’s Global Compact (UNGC) our CSR policy is detailed below.

Human rights

At Vikan, we consider our employees to be our most important asset. Therefore, employee safety is our number one priority and at the top of our agenda. Our goal is to have zero work place accidents or injuries. Continuously, we monitor manufacturing and logistic processes, working proactively to limit any risks or safety issues. We invest in corrective and proactive measures to prevent recurrences and reduce future risks, as well as ongoing training in correct use of safety equipment.

We share a culture of inclusion and mutual trust. It is a culture we also share with our business partners. We listen to our customers, our suppliers and each other with open minds, and we share our own views honestly and frankly. We value an open communication style and a free working environment, and it is fundamental to us that all employees understand our business goals and plans and actively contribute in realising these.

We take care of our employees and insist on having a working environment with no compromises on health and safety, which is also deeply embedded in the hygiene and cleaning tools we serve to the industry.

We respect personal data and privacy as well as the freedom and rights of every employee without any kind of discrimination.

Labour rights

Vikan supports a free labour market, and recognises rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining. We continuously improve the labour rights at our workplace through close dialogue with our employees and systematic workplace assessments, LEAN initiatives and welfare projects.

We make sure that our employees only occasionally work in excess of normal working time and in no way are forced to work overtime. Our wages reflect the actual job performed, including competencies, responsibility and job fulfilment.

We make sure that we maintain close dialogue and alignment with all our employees with regard to expectations for job fulfilment and conditions of employment, all of which are in full compliance with applicable law, collective bargaining agreements and industry standards.

Development of competencies and skills are vital for Vikan, and requirements for training are evaluated in a structured approach at least once a year.


Vikan takes a precautionary approach to the environment and climate. We establish, implement and maintain procedures to identify the environmental aspects of our activities, products and services and take the necessary steps to improve activities that are being identified as having significant impact on our environment and climate.

We identify, reduce and dispose of waste arising from our operations, thus minimising harm to the environment. We separate hazardous from non-hazardous waste for recycling purposes, and we work to minimise energy consumption, for instance by employing high-efficiency production machinery.

On a continuous basis, we validate risk of danger to humans and the environment by identifying areas for improvement, and upholding instructions to secure due diligence every day.

Our products are manufactured using good manufacturing practices (GMPs) for materials and products intended to come into contact with food and are designed specifically to meet the high efficacy and food safety standards set by the food industry where hygiene is critical.

Our products are durable which reduces the environmental exposure through less-frequent replacements. Use of our products reduces chemical and water consumption in the cleaning process which reduces the environmental impact. We test and document all aspects of our products and services from efficacy, cleanability and chemical resistance to food safety legal requirements. The availability of documentation allows our customers to maintain and document evidence of achieving the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness to prevent food safety issues.

Besides helping our customers, Vikan innovations have become industry standards, and ongoingly we focus on development of new products and technologies through involvement of end-users and outside experts. Our aim is to continue to develop new products and materials with respect of the environment and the industries we serve.

Vikan is certified against the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards, which involve regular assessment of our processes and review of our quality and environmental policy for securing continuous improvement.


Vikan has zero tolerance towards any form of bribery and any form of corruption. We engage only in business relations that are fair and that are not anti-competitive. We do not contribute to any political party, and charitable donations are given based on decisions made by our management and owners.
With the aim of maintaining a high level of awareness, Vikan has developed supporting business ethics guidelines, which are continuously reviewed and further developed.

CSR Compliance Reporting

You can download the CSR Compliance Reporting here.

CSR Compliance Reporting 2018

CSR Compliance Reporting 2019

CSR Compliance Reporting 2020 

At Vikan, we recognise that committing to long-term sustainability and responsible business ethics is a dynamic process. We strive to make continuous improvements to our operations and make sure our employees and business partners are aware of all four pillars of our CSR policy and adhere to all applicable laws and regulations when conducting business with Vikan.