Full of Benefits

A new and improved 12 Litre Bucket makes
the award-winning Vikan bucket range an
even better solution to your hygienic food
handling and cleaning needs.

Three buckets – one hygienic design

If you’re not yet using Vikan buckets, there’s never been a better time to start. Optimised sizes, hygienic design, Vikan quality and, now, a redesigned 12 litre size make these hygienic food handling and cleaning tools ideal for any food or beverage application.

6 Litre Bucket

Perfect for storing, moving and pouring smaller amounts of wet or dry ingredients. Also great for various cleaning applications.

12 Litre Bucket

A trusted workhorse for food handling and cleaning, now with a new and improved design.

20 Litre Bucket

Mix, store and transport larger-volume ingredients in this big, durable bucket. Doubles as a roomy cleaning and soaking tub for brushes, scoops and more.

The 12 Litre Bucket up close


Easily stack two buckets on top of each other for space-saving storage.

Snap-on lid

Snap the lid closed for added security, just like on the 6 and 20 Litre Buckets.

Easy-read measures

Measure more accurately with easy-read litre, UK gallon and US gallon markings.

Snap-on lid

Snap the lid closed for added security, 
just like on the 6 and 20 litre buckets

Sloped backside

Stir, mix and empty with a hand scoop faster and more easily than ever.

Drainage hole

Prevent water accumulation during storage for improved hygiene.

Works with wallbrackets

Use existing wall brackets (10600) for the bucket and lid (5686x and 5688x only)

Buckets + scoops 

Redesigned Vikan Scoops make perfect companions 
for your 6, 12 and 20 Litre Buckets.

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