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New pipe brush takes hygiene another step forward

Your food & beverage industry customers depend on you to help them maintain the highest hygiene standards every day. That’s why we are excited to introduce the new Vikan One-Piece Pipe Brush. With no joint between the 90-mm diameter brush head and handle, the One-Piece Pipe Brush improves hygiene by eliminating a potential source of dirt and contaminant build-up. Add in efficacy-boosting stiffer filaments at the end of the head and compatibility with all Vikan wall brackets, and you have a pipe brush that will really make a difference.

The One-Piece Pipe Brush (538190x) is ideal for a wide range of equipment, including meat mincers, wine industry tank outlets, and other items where a rounded brush head can benefit cleaning. Available now, the brush comes in 6 colours (green, blue, red, white, yellow, black) and replaces our current 90-mm model (7033x).

Click here or contact your Vikan sales representative to learn more and place orders.

To explore the full range of Vikan pipe and tube brushes, download our latest brochure. 

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