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Crevice Scrub cleans the rest of your floor

The Crevice Scrub is a unique floor brush designed specifically for cleaning corners, narrow areas, grouting between tiles, edges and other areas that are difficult to clean with traditional brushes.
The secret to the Crevice Scrub’s efficacy is its V-shaped filament pattern, with stiffer filaments in the centre able to loosen dirt for the softer side filaments to remove.
The Crevice Scrub also features a unique swivel function that helps you clean under tables and equipment by laying the handle down almost parallel to the floor. And a hygienically designed clip fit handle lets you remove the head from the handle prior to cleaning, thus preventing dirt accumulation between the handle and head.
The result is cleaner floors and cleaning tools – all with less effort and strain.

Available now, the Crevice Scrub (7040x) comes in Green, Blue, Red, White and Yellow.

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